We pitched up just after first light in a secluded field in the hope of capturing this beautiful and characterful family of pointers displaying their natural behaviours.

The brief for the day day was to focus on their specific pointing action as the owner, apart from a couple of phone snap shots, had no images of her dogs displaying their most distinctive feature.

My plan was to work ahead of the action as much as possible so as not to become a distraction for the dogs or change their behaviour, but also keeping on the look out for those narrative opportunities that unfold.

We began with the usual burst of excitement you encounter when most dogs are let out on their first run of the day. I let them burn off some energy just doing their own thing and observing them closely looking for the cues of individual mannerisms. They were a splendidly well behaved pack with an obviously strong bond with their owner. Branches were ‘collected’, holes explored as they zig-zagged tirelessly across each other quartering the ground.

Even a few butterfiles were followed.

It wasn’t long before the dogs themselves began their real business of the day as the leaders of the pack lowered their noses and started to lock on to the abundant scents. It was fascinating to watch the change in posture and attitude in this breed when they went into action. Their poise and balance was obvious, with the subtlety of movement showing in their fine musculature.