Hosted by Tri-Anglia triathlon club, the Diss Duathlon is its opening event of the year and a chance for athletes of all levels to dip their toe in the water, without dipping their toe in the water!

A slick and speedy course offering a 5k, 20k, 5k run, bike, run format around the picturesque Anglian scenery. As ever, multi event athletes are not afraid of sporting a bit of colour across their kit and it certainly brightens up my day out on course! This will never stop me from including a few black and whites in the race coverage though.

With ample opportunity to capture each competitior both running and cycling it’s no wonder that there were over three thousand final images to be added to the Shootproof gallery. My mission on event days such as these is to try my upmost to capture every participant multiple times in their best possible moment. It’s a tall order and not always entirely possible because of bunching, timings, shooting locations, stray pheasants, lost dogs, cars, acts of god etc…..