A cold but thrilling day capturing the top class paddlers of the UK.

Both canoeing and kayaking were represented along with successful olympians from the London games. Course access was perfect with many quality vantage points and bankside positions which are vital in getting the action and capturing the micro elements that are the silver linings on an already visually spectacular sport.

The margins at which these athletes operate is phenomenal in testing conditions. From breakneck speeds through rapids to stopping dead and turning on a sixpence at the required gates takes incredible timing, coordination, stamina and strength. Us Brits may joke about being world class at all the ‘sitting down’ sports, but give us our dues….we pick the hardest ones!

Some nice opportunities presented themselves for more narrative shots and with a whole day of runs in different classes, there was ample time to explore the storytelling aspects of the event and gather the detailed content for sponsors and equipment provider clients.