Covering one of the fastest sports and its elite players is always a privilege. Great Britain, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and the USA fielded strong line ups in order to capture the title.

The Argentinian team rose to the top as the eventual winners, due in part to a fantastic goalscoring run from captain and player of the tournament, Carla Rebecchi.

Shooting positions were tight around the ground, as they so often are for high profile and well attended contests. I wanted to make the most of the gorgeous sea of blue pitch under the intense sun giving me the best chance to isolate players and get strong colour contrasts from the uniforms. This would fulfil my brief of capturing the player profiles and clean graphic images required.

Hockey action is non stop. The ball is constantly in play and the players display formidable fitness and toughness. For a ‘non contact’ sport there are often seismic collisions and ball strikes. For once it was nice to not be hugging the touchline and directly in the firing line!

As you can no doubt tell, matches on the day were GB v Netherlands, Argentina v USA and the ever lively antipodean rivalry between Australia and New Zealand. The Aussies, Dutch and Argentinians came out on top and there was a notable hat-trick from Rebecchi during a masterclass performance. Given the time and the opportunity it would have been fascinating to track a single player like Rebecchi for an entire game. Whenever such assignments occur for player watching content (or even managers sometimes) it’s an eduacation absorbing their expertise and positional play.

The liklehood of capturing the defining mannerism of a player are vastly increased.