A first class day of cricket at the Guildford ground punctuated by a thunderstorm, heat haze, some fine play and an appreciative crowd.

I did a full 360 degree tour of the outfield while shooting here, either to get out of the rain or to keep the sun in a friendly spot. I enjoy the mix of paces during cricket matches. One moment you feel you have all the time in the world to manufacture a shot before having to react in an instant to the flurry of action.

Even at relatively small grounds the central action in cricket is generally miles away from any shooting position. So it’s out with the ‘big gear’…..600mm, monopds, tripods, deck chairs, thermos flasks and sarnies!

I had an interesting personal double on the boundary for this game I recall. I caught a long hop in my left hand (mostly by accident I’ll admit!) and I broke my chair right at the end of the day (sarnies may have been to blame).